Apple of your eye

It really is amazing how God works in our lives. I had an epiphany while taking a shower earlier (this doesn’t happen always, hence I feel I have to write a post about this) and as I was crying out to God, I wasn’t actually expecting an answer. I was only my normal, honest, messy self and I took comfort in the solace of the bathroom (I never thought I’d find quality me-time at bath time but it’s true and I believe busy moms can relate with me on this). And God, the all-wise, all-knowing Supreme Being, in his awesome greatness, responded to my pleas. He did not give me the exact answer I wanted but He showed me the way (to the answer He wanted to give). He knew (He always does, doesn’t He?) that I actually knew what to do but because of my stubborn pride, I was refusing to take action. So He used my pain to make me see the clearer picture of what He expected from me — and what I was supposed to do. Isn’t God amazing?

So I responded to God’s prompting and saw the vastness of God’s amazing glory. I asked for love and He bestowed me love. He comforted me and embraced me with His love. He showed me that I had been looking at the wrong places (and persons) and gently steered me back to Him again. I have known this before but because I have wandered away, I had to be reminded again. And somehow, the reminder came painfully. Still, I am thankful for pain, for the feeling of worthlessness, because without these, how will I ever learn? I am hardheaded and proud and pain is the only way to get my attention.

Thank You, Lord, for responding to my pain. Thank You for showing me the wonders of your great love. Thank You for making me the apple of Your eye.

apple of your eye

Psalm 17


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Today I celebrate friendship

A very special friend is celebrating her birthday today and I dedicate this post to her. 

If there is one person I know who has a heart for giving, it would be you. Your selflessness and generosity warms my heart and inspires me that yes, it is possible to give even if you don’t have everything. It is possible to be used by God to bless others despite having to undergo pain. You have shown me that one’s own struggles and suffering are not excuses to be greedy and selfish. You have shown me that time and distance do not hinder any relationship to grow. Your thoughtfulness and concern humble me and have taught me to give of my life selflessly and with joy. Thank you for showing me all these  — and more. Your life is a blessing to me and I am proud to have you as a dear friend. You may not be aware of it but I have learned a lot from you. As we journey together, may God continue to show you more and more ways on how He will still be using you for His glory and honor. Indeed, our lives are not our own. We are only channels of God’s love and blessing, and I channel back to you the love and goodness you’ve shown me. 

Today I celebrate friendship. Happy happy birthday, Nang Elsbeth! 

Nang Elsbeth

During Nang Elsbeth’s visit last year


***Nang Elsbeth blogs about positivity and zeal for life in September Joy.


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Icebreaker Weekend (1): Fire

To break the monotony of my posts in this blog, I came up with this idea of answering random questions every weekend. Why weekend? Because I firmly believe in taking a break from work (i,e, Sabbath) so as much as possible, weekends will be devoted to light and fun stuff/posts. Why icebreaker? I remember thoroughly enjoying getting-to-know-you activities through icebreaker questions and I thought, why not do this on my blog as well?

I found this list of icebreaker questions and I will pick one question every weekend to answer by using


Icebreaker Weekend

For this pilot Icebreaker Weekend post, here’s the question:

If you were to be a natural element, which would you rather be: fire or water?


I don’t know if this answer will win me a crown in a beauty pageant, but upon seeing this question, my mind didn’t hesitate a bit: I would be fire.  I would love to shine bright and burn hot. Fire makes me think of passion and strength. It makes me feel brave and daring. I would love to be a light to everyone, a beacon of hope and love. Fire will melt away the impurities of life and I will shine bright like a diamond. I thank you. 😀

See you next weekend!

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