Hi! I am Lynai. I am a lawyer, a teacher, a delightedly struggling wife, and a proud (new) mom. I used to have a different personal blog but I wasn’t able to maintain it because I got distracted with book blogging. Lately, however, more particularly at the beginning of this year (2014), I kind of missed writing about things other than books (i.e. wife-hood, motherhood. Haha.) Importantly, I have declared 2014 as Year of Grace and I want to chronicle my journey for this year — and the years to come.

Why Fragments? This blog will be a repository of my random thoughts, concerns, reflections, and even mundane events in my life. Just like a puzzle piece, each post is a fragment of my whole being, and taken all together, will form into who I am and what I hope to be. Although this blog may not necessarily reflect me entirely but it will at least show some parts of me which I hope will inspire and encourage those who get to stumble into this humble space.

Feel free to tumble in and journey with me. 🙂


Any comment? Do let me know! :)

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