Today I celebrate friendship

A very special friend is celebrating her birthday today and I dedicate this post to her. 

If there is one person I know who has a heart for giving, it would be you. Your selflessness and generosity warms my heart and inspires me that yes, it is possible to give even if you don’t have everything. It is possible to be used by God to bless others despite having to undergo pain. You have shown me that one’s own struggles and suffering are not excuses to be greedy and selfish. You have shown me that time and distance do not hinder any relationship to grow. Your thoughtfulness and concern humble me and have taught me to give of my life selflessly and with joy. Thank you for showing me all these  — and more. Your life is a blessing to me and I am proud to have you as a dear friend. You may not be aware of it but I have learned a lot from you. As we journey together, may God continue to show you more and more ways on how He will still be using you for His glory and honor. Indeed, our lives are not our own. We are only channels of God’s love and blessing, and I channel back to you the love and goodness you’ve shown me. 

Today I celebrate friendship. Happy happy birthday, Nang Elsbeth! 

Nang Elsbeth

During Nang Elsbeth’s visit last year


***Nang Elsbeth blogs about positivity and zeal for life in September Joy.



About Lynai

Wife to my first and only boyfriend, mom to a very active toddler, lawyer, teacher, and a pilgrim always in need of grace.
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2 Responses to Today I celebrate friendship

  1. This is such a wonderful birthday gift. I am humbled and loved. Thank you for journeying with me. God bless! Love you! Hugs!

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