I blog again

Blog about things other than books, anyway.

So, yes, this is a personal blog. I am fully aware that my life is uninteresting so why did I put up a personal blog, you may ask. I absolutely love blogging about books, but I kind of missed writing about other stuff too. Although I still manage to squeeze in snippets of my personal life in my book blog, somehow I want to be able to write more about them especially now that I have taken to having a word for this year which is Grace. I want to have a repository of my thoughts and discoveries as I journey through life and in the future, read back to what I had written and marvel (or cringe). You see, this blog is actually more for my benefit than those who may read it because I always find a kind of peace whenever I get to write down my thoughts.

 Although this will be a personal blog, I cannot promise that I will not talk about books (who am I without my books?) but I will try to limit book talk here as much as possible. Haha.

 I am excited to write again and I hope that I am off to a good start.


About Lynai

Wife to my first and only boyfriend, mom to a very active toddler, lawyer, teacher, and a pilgrim always in need of grace.
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2 Responses to I blog again

  1. Yes! Excited to journey with you! God bless!

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